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Presentation Format

Presentation Format

The candidate will provide a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation depicting the surgical placement and restoration of a minimum of two (2) implants in one or more partially edentulous or completely edentulous patients. The candidate must surgically place a minimum of two (2) implants for the treatments being examined. A document attesting to this will be supplied by the ABP and must be signed by the candidate at the time of the examination. 

At the start of all Section D examinations, candidates must provide the following documentation to the ABP on a USB drive separated into 4 folders:

  • PRESENTATION: The original PowerPoint or Keynote patient treatment presentation (PDF files are not accepted).
  • NARRATIVE: The narrative (Microsoft Word or Pages).
  • RADIOGRAPHS: Required  pre- and post-treatment individual radiographic images (PNG or JPEG files).
  • LABORATORY: All dental laboratory work authorization forms (PDF, PNG, or JPEG files).

Candidates will provide 2 paper copies of their narrative for the examiners to use during the exam.

Presentation Order

Oral Section D patient presentations must be delivered to examiners in the following order:

  • Health History and Chief Complaint
  • Clinical Findings
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment Plan
  • Treatment
  • Completed Treatment
  • Prognosis, Outcomes, and Maintenance Plan