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Continued Proficiency or Recertification 

Maintenance of Diplomate status requires periodic recertification. Certificates of Diplomate status are issued for eight (8) year periods. All active Diplomates are required to undergo a process of continued proficiency (i.e., recertification) involving continuing education and a recertification examination. The following details the continued proficiency process that all Diplomates must undertake.

Continuing Education 

All Diplomates, except for those with Life Diplomate status, must obtain at least two hundred forty (240) continuing education hours over an eight (8) year period. A maximum of sixty (60) hours per year may be accumulated in fulfillment of the two hundred forty (240) hour total. Hours may be accrued in the following ways: 

  • Attendance by the Diplomate at a scientific session sponsored by a major prosthodontic organization (6 hours per day of session attendance).* 
  • Attendance by the Diplomate at other courses, conferences, or meetings applicable to prosthodontics, preferably courses with “CERP” approval (hours of meeting attendance).* 
  • Presentation by the Diplomate of invited professional prosthodontics lectures or study club activities related to prosthodontics (hours of presentation).* 
  • Article publication by the Diplomate in peer-reviewed professional journals. Abstract publications will not be accepted for continuing education points (12 hours per article).* 
  • Prosthodontic book chapter publication by the Diplomate (6 hours per chapter).* 
  • * A maximum of ninety-six (96) hours in an eight (8) year period may be accrued from article and chapter publications, professional presentations, and study club activities.  

Continuing education activity is reported on the Diplomate registration website.  All Diplomates are responsible for maintaining updated documentation of their continuing education activity. To periodically audit reporting accuracy, randomly chosen Diplomates are required to furnish documentation to the ABP supporting the continuing education activities reported.

Recertification Examination 

Successful completion of an examination focusing on contemporary prosthodontics is required of Diplomates wishing to maintain Active status. A recertification examination must be successfully completed within every eight (8) year recertification period. Successful completion of the recertification examination requires a score of 70% correct or greater.

The recertification examination will be administered online at our membership portal. A fee of $350 is charged each time the examination is challenged. 

Each examination consists of 25 multiple-choice questions with associated literature citations. Review of associated literature citations is required to answer questions. Results will be made available to the Diplomate upon submission of the examination. 

Each Diplomate may challenge the examination repeatedly, upon payment of each separate examination fee, until a passing grade is achieved. Diplomates must successfully complete the examination prior to expiration of their existing certification to maintain Diplomate status. It is the responsibility of the Diplomate to ensure requirements for recertification are met within the timeframe required to maintain Active Diplomate status.  

PLEASE NOTE: The ABP assumes all Diplomates challenging the recertification examination will respect the confidentiality of the process by not reproducing or sharing contents. Although the recertification examination is offered in “open book” format, it is expected that each Diplomate completing the recertification examination will do so independently and without external assistance beyond the literature citations provided. Recertification is a responsibility of the specialty of prosthodontics and each Diplomate is a representative of the specialty. Diplomates are expected to uphold the highest ethical standards of prosthodontics by not compromising the recertification examination. 

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To maintain Active Diplomate status, all Diplomates, within each 8-year certification period, must:

  • Accumulate and maintain records demonstrating at least two hundred forty (240) hours of continuing education and make these records available upon request by the Board; CE records can be maintained by the Diplomate and need to be entered via the existing ABP online portal.
  • Successfully complete (score 70% correct or greater) at least one (1) recertification examination.