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Presentation Formats

Presentation Formats 

Each Part of the Section B examination is conducted over a one-hour period. The examination begins with an uninterrupted, 20-minute, patient-treatment presentation developed and presented by the candidate, immediately followed by a 40-minute (approximate) oral examination conducted by a team of two ABP examiners. 

For all Section B examinations, candidates must provide the following documentation to the ABP on a USB drive separated into 4 folders: 

  • PRESENTATION: The original PowerPoint or Keynote patient treatment presentation on a USB drive (PDF files are not accepted). 
  • NARRATIVE: The narrative (Microsoft Word or Pages). 
  • RADIOGRAPHS: A complete series of individual periapical and bitewing radiographs depicting pre- and post-treatment conditions of teeth and implants, when included (PNG or JPEG files). 
  • LABORATORY: All dental laboratory authorization forms (PDF, PNG, or JPEG files). 

Presentation Order 

Oral Section B patient presentations must be delivered to examiners in the following order: 

  • Health History and Chief Complaint 
  • Clinical Findings 
  • Diagnosis 
  • Treatment Plan 
  • Treatment 
  • Completed Treatment 
  • Prognosis, Outcomes, and Maintenance Plan 

Digital Presentations 

Digital presentations should be populated by well composed, properly focused, color images. There is no limit to the number of images that can be included in the presentation, but candidates must complete their verbal and visual presentation within the allotted 20-minute period. Only one image may be included per screen (a few exceptions with post-treatment photos).