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Pathways to Certification

Pathways to Certification 

To strategically navigate the various ABP required examinations, candidates may consider one of three possible pathways to successful board certification:

Pathway #1

Section A & Section B
(all 3 parts)

Pathway #2

Section A & Section B
(any 2 parts) & Section C

Pathway #3

Section A & Section B
(any 2 parts ) & Section D

Requirements and Stipulations 

Requirements and stipulations related to successful execution of the ABP certification examination process include: 

  • English is the official language of the ABP certification process. 
  • Candidacy for examination is established at the time of application.
  • The Section A written examination may be challenged beginning in April of the third year of formal prosthodontic training. 
  • A postgraduate student/resident whose prosthodontic education extends beyond 3 years may take the Section A examination beginning in the third year of formal prosthodontic training. 
  • All patients presented during Section B or Section D examinations may have been treated and documented during formal prosthodontic training. 
  • Postgraduate students/residents may challenge any one part (2, 3 or 4) of Section B examination beginning in the third year of formal prosthodontic training. 
  • Candidates may not challenge the Section C examination or the Section D examination until after completion of formal prosthodontics training. 
  • The Section C and Section D examinations CANNOT both be challenged during the same examination cycle. Once the Section C or the Section D examination has been successfully completed, that candidate may not challenge the other examination. 
  • If a candidate fails any aspect of the examination process but remains within the six (6) consecutive years of candidacy approval, application for reexamination on failed examination is possible. 
  • If a candidate has appropriately documented a patient therapy that fulfills both Section B and Section D required criteria, the candidate may present this patient therapy for both Section B and Section D examinations during the same examination cycle or at different examination cycles. 
  • Use of recording devices by the candidate, of any kind, during any of the examinations, is strictly prohibited. Cellular telephones, miniature recording devices, or any instrument capable of recording or transmitting information from the examination room are not permitted. Likewise, any handwritten notes made during the examination period must be provided to examiners at the end of each examination period. Should a candidate use a recording or transmitting device during an examination or fail to relinquish handwritten notes made during an examination, that individual will be disqualified from the examination in question and will forfeit all future opportunities to challenge the ABP examinations. Examination security measures consistent with industry standards and candidate compliance are monitored before, during and after all examinations.