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Our Purpose

Our Purpose

The American Board of Prosthodontics was organized by the Academy of Denture Prosthetics, at the request of the American Dental Association.

What We Do

  • Advance the science and art of prosthodontics by encouraging its study and improving its practice. 
  • Determine the eligibility of candidates within the regulations for qualification for examination.
  • Conduct examinations to determine the proficiency of applicants for certification as Diplomates. 
  • Grant and issue Diplomate certificates to successful candidates. 
  • Maintain a roster of Diplomates for the general information of the public, the dental and medical professions, dental schools, and health agencies.

Specific Goals of the American
Board of Prosthodontics

Goal 1

Assure that Diplomates meet designated knowledge and skill criteria, and issue certificates to those individuals indicating that they meet the established criteria.

Goal 2

Assure that Diplomates maintain continued proficiency in prosthodontics.

Goal 3

Provide the public and profession with information regarding individuals who are Board certified.

Goal 4

Encourage the specialty of prosthodontics to advance itself through BoardCertification.