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General Information

Section D General Information

With the evolution in scope of prosthodontic care to include dental implant placement, examination of candidate knowledge, skill, and experience in providing such care is the focus of Section D. Candidates should be prepared to present and defend implant therapy with an emphasis on biologic interfaces associated with implantation of biomaterials into osseous structures and surrounding soft tissues. Design of the Section D examination permits ABP Examiners the latitude to explore a candidate’s understanding of implant diagnosis and treatment planning, the biology of implant placement, adjunctive and incidental hard and soft tissue procedures, definitive prosthodontic restoration, and prognosis, outcomes and maintenance planning for implant therapy.

Candidates must be prepared to defend diagnosis, treatment planning, treatment, prognosis, and maintenance planning using available evidence. Any laboratory work not completed by the candidate must be accompanied by dental laboratory work authorizations.

The candidate: 

  • Must perform all surgical and prosthodontic procedures of the treatment being examined.
  • Will be evaluated on the quality of, and justification for, all care provided or not provided by other clinicians.
  • Will be responsible for defending the quality of pre-existing restorations and conditions.