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What is board certification? 

Board certification signifies the highest level of accreditation within a given specialty. To become board-certified, prosthodontists are provided an examination pathway to demonstrate their competence and professionalism to their peers. Upon successful completion of the examinations and documented continued proficiency, the public can feel assured they are being cared for by a prosthodontist who is certified by their peers and is committed to life-long learning. 

What is a prosthodontist? 

A prosthodontist is a graduate of an advanced education program in prosthodontics accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) or the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC). A prosthodontist is educationally qualified to apply for and challenge all sections of the ABP exam. 

How can I determine if my prosthodontist is board-certified? 

Search the Find a Certified Prosthodontist directory to confirm if your prosthodontist is board-certified. 

How can I become a candidate for certification examination by the ABP? 

One must be a trained prosthodontist or be a prosthodontic resident in their 3rd year of formal training. Candidates must provide evidence of satisfactory completion, or anticipated completion, of an advanced specialty education in prosthodontics recognized and accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) or the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC). 

When can I become a board-certified prosthodontist? 

Prosthodontists can choose to seek board certification at any stage of their career. Some begin the process during their residency training program, while others take the exam after many years of experience in academia or private practice. 

How can I become a board-certified prosthodontist? 

The first step is to register and create an account with the ABP. If you have already registered and you receive the notification “Email Already Exists”, your email address is already established within the system. Please do not register again under a different email address. Once you have an account, you will complete an application for candidacy. Upon approval of your candidacy, you will be eligible to register for the examinations that you need to successfully complete to become board-certified. 

How do I get an application to become a candidate? 

You need to create an account with the ABP as all applications and required documentation are submitted online. Once you create a profile and log into your account, you will see an application for candidacy on your dashboard. You must complete the application, pay the appropriate fee, and be approved to establish candidacy. Your application will require one of the following documents: 

  • Current 3rd year residents
    • Upload a letter from your program director indicating that you are in your 3rd year of training, that you are in good academic standing, and your expected date of graduation. 
  • Prosthodontists 
    • Upload a notarized copy of your certificate from an advanced education program in Prosthodontics. 

I completed my application and uploaded the requested documentation. How long does it take to be approved? 

Allow for five (5) business days for your application to be approved. You can check your profile to see if you have been approved. If you have, you will see any exams for which you are able to register at that time. You will also receive an email confirming your status. 

When are examinations offered? 

The oral exams are typically offered twice a year, in the spring (February or April) and the fall (October or November), while the written examination is offered in April. Exam dates for the current year can be found under Current Exams & Deadlines

When are the deadlines to register for examinations? 

The deadline to register for the Section A written exam is January 31st annually. The deadline to register for any of the Section B, C, or D examinations is 60 days prior to the scheduled examination date. 

What are the fees for application for candidacy, examination, and recertification? 

Please refer to the Examination Guidelines for the Certification Process, under Section 2 Certification & Re-Certification Processes. 

What do I do if the ABP guidelines fail to answer my questions? 

For questions about the examination process and logistics that are not covered in the guidelines, send an email to: Please note that the ABP will not provide guidance regarding specific therapies. These matters must be determined and justified by the candidate in preparation for and during the examination.  

What if I have other questions? 

For questions related to the following topics, send an email to:  

  • Required qualifications for candidates 
  • Creation of an account with the ABP 
  • Confirmation of qualifying credentials 
  • Online payments 
  • Continuing education entry 
  • Recertification timing 
  • Dues payment and timing 
  • Request for documents