Lack of Availability at Pearson VUE Testing Centers

The American Board of Prosthodontics is aware that reserving a seat for the Section-A examination at a Pearson VUE Testing Center in your location may be very challenging, if not impossible. Reservations officially opened last Monday (02/08/2021) and already many testing centers have closed their doors to additional scheduling. Due to COVID-19 restrictions imposed at the time, we also encountered this problem when the Section-A exam was last offered. This is why the ABP strongly suggested that all residents reserve space quickly.

To the best of our understanding, there are two factors related to Pearson VUE Testing Centers filling so quickly:

  1. Current COVID-19 restrictions, which vary from state-to-state and city-to-city, place limits on available seating for test takers at any one location.
  2. The ABP examination is competing with other high-stakes examinations for the limited resources that Pearson VUE has to offer during this time of COVID-19 restrictions.

Periodic updates provided by Pearson VUE indicate that some locations are able to increase testing capacity as COVID-19 vaccinations roll-out. Therefore, it is possible that more space will become available at a Pearson VUE Testing Center near you.

The broad and adverse impact imposed by the pandemic has made much of our day-to-day existence challenging. Your residents may need to travel some distance to access a testing center that can accommodate them for the Section-A examination. The ABP has no control over Pearson VUE Testing Center availability, rules governing access restrictions, or Pearson VUE business policies. As such, we have no means of alleviating the problems faced when trying to reserve a seat for the examination during the pandemic. Please know that the ABP is doing all we can to continue to bring certification examination opportunities to all examination candidates.

Thank you for your understanding and please pass this message along to all interested parties.

David R. Cagna, DMD, MS
President, American Board of Prosthodontics